Friday, January 7, 2011

Eight Fun Facts

I have been thinking of ways to get to know my friends/followers a little better. It is sometimes really hard to talk about yourself. Hopefully this is a fun task for you. I want to know small things such as what makes you smile? What do you enjoy doing? Where would you like to travel to? Where are you from?

Eight Fun Facts about Me:
  • I am not a fan of Roller coasters
  • I am the Only child
  • I have an Associates degree in Small Business Management
  • I Got Married in Vegas
  • I competed in Pageants for over 15years
  • I am afraid of heights
  • I am afraid of Basements
  • Eight is my favorite number ;)
 That was fun. Now it is your turn. What fun facts would you like to share?


  1. oh this is fun! i should do this!

  2. You have to post some pageant pics! I hate roller coasters too and WANTED to marry in Vegas. I married in Uganda though (fun fact) in a ceremony completely planned by my husband's clan.

  3. Eight is my lucky number. It's also the date of my birth. I had considered getting married in vegas my 2nd time around. Went to the local jp though instead. I did not know all that about you. That's a fun way to get to know a little more about someone

  4. Did you have a big wedding in Vegas or did you go to one of those cool little chapels!! I know I'm late to your blog, but I'm so glad you started blogging!! You are totally slacking though :)

    I am also not a fan of basements!