Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day is May 8th this year. This will be my 2nd Mother's Day. My 1st one was me still forming routines, getting the hang of such a beautiful change that recently occurred in our lives. It was intimate because my husband know how to go above and beyond to meet whatever my needs are.  I rather not go out on big holidays such as Mother's Day because of the traffic, long waits, crowded stores and restaurants. 

We spent our last Mother's day at home. My feet were kicked up all day and all my wishes being granted.  This year is approaching very fast. I'm not sure what he has up his sleeves. I know what I am sure of and that is being truly grateful for my wonderful little family.

Do you go out for Mother's day? Visit anyone? What are your traditions?

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