Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nothing to it but to do it!

I can write on a piece of paper all day long on topics I want to blog about. When it is time to blog I find a million other things that needs to be taken care of around the house. When I make a post I want it to have meaning not write just because I havent updated my blog and may lose my followers(friends)

I can also sit here and makes excuses as to why I havent been on top of things. What made me drop the ball? Where is my focus? Being a SAHM is not the glamours lifestyle some assume for it to be. There are many mothers out there who I know understands me. I am definently not sitting down with my feet kicked up filing my nails. I am also not shopping until I drop at all the fancy clothing boutiques. I am spending a lot of my time with my little one who deserves all my attention. We can not get these moments back! Also running errands, washing clothes and preparing dinner to my deserving husband. Absolutely no complaints. I am finally learning the balance of this new lifestyle though. Thank Heavens!

With that being said, I have many opportunities to write reviews, guest post and start giveaways. I almost found myself losing the motivation I had when this whole blogging opportunity began. I'm back!!!

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