Thursday, April 7, 2011

What do you hope your children say about you as a mother, 30 years from now?

As a mother there are no days off. You want to do everything just right. Lead by example, sometimes you will find yourself being a mirror-image to your mom. I find my mom's words coming into my everyday language now that I have become a mother.

I live daily by keeping my faith first.  I pray for strength because as a mom and wife I want to be all I can be for my family.  Being able to teach my daughter, grow with her and connect in every way possible is very important to me.

I can only pray I continue to provide my daughter with a positive environment and stability in her household.  I also want her to see her parents love each other and even more importantly have an unconditional bond for her.  I want her to set short and long term goals and achieve everything she dreams and beyond.

What do I hope for my children to say about me as a mother, 30 years from now?

I hope my children says: I am loving, caring, sharing, put them as my first priority, a devoted wife, great teacher, beautiful on  the inside and out, leader, great cook, admirable, spontaneous, care-giver, humorous, honorable, kind, huge heart, fabulous, extraordinary, God-fearing, faithful, wonderful friend, awesome listener.

Be proud to say I am their mommy!

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    I'm using my blogger account for now.