Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Just Make Up Your Mind Already

My First Post. Pinch me. I had my first webinar class yesterday evening and it was very informative.  I am so glad I signed up and for free. I didn't think It would be this simple to write my first blog post. I had a million questions and a deer in a head lights look. I felt like a cave woman compared to all my chatting partners. My web-mates were very nice and understood that they were once where I was too. They too have been Lost, confused just didn't understand the ins and outs of a Blog.

I tied up my hair, grabbed my pen and pad out and begin to just write. I had a ton of questions racing through my head. How do I apply what I learned at the webinar? What do I name my blog? Who Really cares about little old me having a blog?  What makes me different from other "mommy bloggers" You get the point.

I have so many Twitter friends to thank. My Blog Journey has been a long road but they stayed by side and understood this was not an overnight accomplishment.


  1. Congratulations on starting your new blog. You are lucky because your got to get the inside scoop before you actually dive in. I went in head first; having absolutely no idea what I was doing.

    I look forward to watching your blog grow

  2. Yay Reka! Glad to hear that you have a blog! I cannot wait to watch and read your blog to grow! Luv ya girl!

  3. Congrats I know the feeling I set up my blog and it was empty for almost a year out of fear of the unknown. Smart move taking a class! I look forward to your posts! :)

  4. Congratulations Twitter friend. I'm a new blogger too.

  5. Thank you. I look forward to reading your posts. We can grow together =))